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Hosting & Programming.
Affordable Pricing.
Easy Setup & Management.

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32 Terrabyte Network.

A stable and incredibly 
fast Connection from 
all over the world

Our Servers

Discover the limitless possibilities of technology and witness technology that is affordable for everyone.
Through great efforts, constant growth and the independence of our service, we can proudly claim that we are one of the most affordable hosting companies, where you only pay for what you use.
You think our servers don't meet your requirements because we're so cheap? On the contrary our servers are very qualitive, because we buy in bulk, which makes it cheaper for you! Even one of our servers offers a total performance of 32 cores, 60 GB RAM and 1800 GB SSD. Test our servers in a free trial week and see for yourself!

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Webspace & Domains - And more!

Pay for what you use. Only about up to $1 per month for all these Features:

CimeyClust Domains


Domains cost only as much as it is necessary for us. External domains, subdomains and DNS is fully supported and available for free in combination with a domain.

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CimeyClust Webspace


All you need is a domain and at least one gigabyte of web space and you're ready to go! Your web space is always accessible and you can do everything with it.

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CimeyClust E-Mail


Get access to an unlimited number of email addresses and mailboxes. A web email client, as well as POP3 and IMAP are all up to date and available for you for free!

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CimeyClusts Website Builder

Website Builder

A professional, modern and easy-to-use website builder is available to you after an additional charge of only about a dollar a month on your web space.

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CimeyClust SSL

Free SSL and HTTPS

Get unlimited free SSL certificates to secure your websites. This is available for all domains and subdomains that you have purchased from CimeyClust or domains that use the CimeyClust name servers.

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CimeyClust Databases

Unlimited Databases

By renting web space you get an unlimited number of databases with your own access.
(Database storage minus the webspace storage)

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fast community support

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CimeyClust Support

No matter how cheap or fair we are. Communication is what connects us and allows us to help you.
If you even remotely think we can help you, don't hesitate to contact us or make an appointment by phone.
Our goal is to be as responsive, honest and personal with you as possible. So please also meet us with this attitude and be open and polite, no matter what it is about: there is always a solution.

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